"Was like a breath of fresh air, not judging me, helping me."

Teaching Assistant - Mainstream Primary School

"Helped us understand cerebral palsy and what we needed to do."


"In PE he was separate and couldn't join in. The physio helped us to make the PE relevant to him and meet his needs."

Mrs W - Teaching Assistant Mainstream Primary School

"Helped us train our support workers to provide suitable stretches and activities, now we can do them most days."


"Showed us how to use the water to help strengthen him up, not just for fun."


"Made time for us just when we needed her."


"Found us a local gym who could work with us, now we love going."

Support Worker and Young Person

"Helped us with planning transition to post 16 education."


"Always professional and very experienced, a key part of the team."

Case Manager

"Helped me adapt my sessions."

PE Teacher - Special School

"Was good to share expertise and create an individual plan for her."

Riding Instructor

"I wish we'd met before now."

Sports Co-ordinator

"Made me stronger."

Young Person

"She's really nice."

Young Person

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